What traits are important in the assembly of the fungal-root microbiome?

Fungi have a constant love-hate relationship with plant roots. The result of this relationship is a complex and dynamic fungal community associated to roots. I am interested in identifying which traits (both from roots and fungi) determine the composition and abundance of this dynamic fungal community.

To answer this question I am at allocating soil fungi along a continuum of saptrotrophy-to-symbiosis using ecologically relevant traits. You can read about this in:

Aguilar-Trigueros, C. A.; Powell, Jeff R; Anderson, Ian C; Antonovics, Janis; Rillig, Matthias C. 2014. Ecological understanding of root-infecting fungi using trait-based approaches. Trends in plant science. 19 (7): 432-438.

Or you can watch my video abstract: